Could Mountain Time Make You Healthier and More Productive?

Monday, August 08, 2016

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By Site Selection Magazine

What does a time zone mean to a growing business? And how much does it affect location decision-making?

The answers to those questions are relevant to company leaders seeking to overlap business hours with as much of the world as possible. The answers are especially relevant when it comes to Mountain Time, the sliver of timekeeping that applies to all the Rocky Mountain states (save northern Idaho), but only about 4 percent of the US population.

In a region home to so much outdoor recreation, wilderness and open spaces, Mountain Time becomes a natural slogan for all that is good about living in the West. But Mountain Time may also be more than a lifestyle metaphor — it could be central to the region’s ability to compete globally.


Did you know there’s such a thing as the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Time and Frequency Division? It’s an operating unit of NIST’s Physical Measurement Laboratory (whose latest project is a more accurate definition of the kilogram), and it’s headquartered at NIST’s Boulder Laboratories in Colorado. Its mission includes maintaining the primary frequency standard for the United States, developing and operating standards of time and frequency, and coordinating US time and frequency standards with other world standards.

It all sounds vaguely academic and philosophical, doesn’t it? But as the division explains, “precise time and frequency information is needed by electric power companies, radio and television stations, telephone companies, air traffic control systems, participants in space exploration, computer networks, scientists monitoring data of all kinds, and navigators of ships and planes.”

Why are the time czars in Boulder? In this case, geography and a certain kind of pristine silence ruled the day.

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