The NCDS Difference

Over the course of over four decades, our clients have reported a number of differences between NCDS and other fundraising/consulting firms. We believe the four that distinguish us most are:

  1. the NCDS difference imageEmphasis on a thorough, professional, and candid goal assessment process.  A failed, or even a suboptimal campaign, can damage an organization’s image and reputation.  Our pre-campaign due diligence allows our clients to understand their level of asking rights and how to position a campaign for maximum support.  We don’t short cut or pay lip service to this process.
  2. Strategy over salesmanship.  How a fundraising solicitation is conducted has a lot to do with the results it produces.  It is also a reflection on the organization doing the soliciting.  There are four key elements of every solicitation, and we make sure we get every one of them right.
  3. Compelling economic impact and return on investment data, produced by our Economic Strategy Center, and customized for dozens of industry sectors in every community we serve.  This resource and our knowledge of how to use it allows us to secure larger commitments from more sources (many of which you might never think about).
  4. Skilled communications.  Successful fundraising requires people – staff, volunteers, and donors – to do things that are often outside their area of expertise or comfort zone.  Strong verbal and written communications from your fundraising counsel are necessary for all these participants to understand and execute their roles.  Every NCDS professional can effectively communicate the “what, why, when, and how” of each aspect of our campaign process, as well as help you articulate your strategic initiative or capital project.

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