What We Do

Simply stated, we secure the financial resources that allow community and economic development organizations to fulfill their missions, increase their impact and value, and make their communities better places to live, work, and start or grow businesses.  We succeed for our clients by doing far more than simply asking constituents for financial support (which we do very well). 

what we do

First, we assess the potential for fundraising success by evaluating alignment between your plan and your stakeholder’s interests; confirming your organization as the logical choice to lead and implement the plan; and measuring the capacity and willingness of stakeholders to invest.  And we help you address any of these elements that require attention before launching a campaign.

Second, we navigate your community and organizational dynamics to secure buy-in and ownership from both private and public sector leaders, especially those who will help attract others through influence and credibility, and who will be asked to provide pacesetting investments.  The result:  your initiative is established as a top community priority and positioned for success prior to launching it.

Third, we help you package and position your initiative for maximum support.  Campaign communications and materials – including a comprehensive economic impact analysis – will excite your constituents about your vision and plans, while informing them about how you will implement the strategies.  Most importantly, campaign materials will demonstrate economic outcomes and value.

Finally, we conduct professional, face-to face solicitations of prospects who should be investing in your organization because they have a shared interest in the community’s economic future and prosperity.  A professional solicitation is one that is made of the right person, at the right time, for the right amount, for the right reasons, and with the right influencer.  Our commitment to these principles for every ask we make on your behalf has produced over-goal campaigns for over forty years and provided hundreds of organizations with levels of resources not achievable through other funding approaches.

Why you should trust the NCDS approach to fundraising

Bold, aggressive, and innovative plans that go beyond business as usual or “maintenance” programming require infusions of capital as well as commitment and support from key leaders and stakeholders.  Our process ensures that these kinds of plans and projects are fully funded, so that they can be fully executed.  When membership dues and other sources of operating support cannot fund these critical programs and projects, and when “token” pledges from your usual supporters won’t move the needle far enough, NCDS can help.  We specialize in campaigns that bring ideas, vision, and strategic plans to life.  We excel at gaining buy-in and ownership of your program by those with the requisite capacity to lead, influence, and invest; and at positioning your organization for maximum support from a broad constituency of sources.  When your community depends on you, you can depend on NCDS.