Our 5-Step Plan

Identify the Challenges or Opportunities Facing Your Community

No one is better equipped or more capable than you to draw attention to, and call for action in response to needs and opportunities that impact the shared interests of your business community and stakeholders. Economic development, quality of place, workforce and education, and legislative advocacy are typically areas where your group has a key role to play.

Draft a Multi-Year (4-5 Years) Plan Outlining the Response and Solutions

  • Convene key board members and other community leaders in brainstorming/focus groups.
  • Estimate costs for implementation including staff, marketing, research, lobbying, etc.
  • Focus on community outcomes and benefits.
  • Consider partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, local governments, etc.
  • Create a “strategic initiative” that is above and beyond, and distinct from current operations and funding.

Conduct a Feasibility Analysis and Goal Assessment

Done correctly, this critical step will:

  • Validate the proposed program as a community priority.
  • Determine the potential level of financial support.
  • Help prioritize and align program strategies, tactics, and desired outcomes.
  • Identify leaders and champions – essential to fundraising success.
  • Begin to extend the buy-in and ownership of the plan beyond a narrow group.

Refine the Plan to Reflect Input from Assessment Phase

Finalizing the program’s strategies, tactics and budgets in this fashion ensures that it is “owned” and endorsed by the top leaders who will be asked to help fund it and provide it with credibility and accountability.

Conduct a Campaign to Fund the Initiative

  • Trust professional counsel and their process to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Ask for the right amount.
  • Document and sell return on investment; DON’T beg for “charitable donations.”
  • Provide good investor relations: governance, communication, engagement and, of course…EFFECTIVE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE STRATEGIC INITIATIVE.
Fast Fact Image

“Birmingham Landmarks, Inc. certainly made the right decision in selecting NCDS to raise the $7 million needed to fully restore our sadly dilapidated and abandoned former vaudeville theatre in downtown Birmingham.  Your firm provided the wisdom and experience to position the project as worthy of support, then structured a winning campaign that was creative, energizing, and relentless in pursuit of the goal.  We were especially appreciative of your flexibility relative to our early cash flow issues, and even more so in the selection of the assigned NCDS Project Executive.  Because of the success and momentum of your phase of this exceptional campaign, the Lyric staff was able to continue seeking commitments utilizing tax credits, and the total raised now exceeds $11.8 million.  Thanks to NCDS, Birmingham can boast of having one of the most spectacularly restored performing arts theaters in America.”

Brant Beene, Executive Director • Birmingham Landmarks, Inc.

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