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Thursday, April 14, 2016

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Every day, I think about the success of Eastern North Carolina. It’s the first thing that crosses my mind in the morning, and my last thought at night. Sure, it’s my job as I lead the NCEast Alliance, a regional economic development agency responsible for 25% of the state’s landmass and 14% of its population. But as a native North Carolinian, it’s also a calling.

I consider opportunities to drive the poverty level of our citizens below the reported 20%. I worry that one of our biggest revenue generators – travel and tourism – is too dependent on nature and elements we can’t control. I contemplate what stable and diverse industries could be brought to eastern North Carolina, helping our job seekers become more secure.

I deliberate whether we have sufficient resources to support  our education institutions to help our children succeed. And I question if higher education can continue to meet the expectations of our employers.

I wonder how we’ll feed, fuel, and clothe our increasing population, which happens to be growing faster than the U.S. average. Is the infrastructure in place? Do we have the energy resources we will need to support our manufacturing base in the future? Click here for the complete article.

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“NCDS has been our fundraising firm of choice since they first helped us devise the Forward Sioux Falls operating model in 1987, and raised $1.8 million to implement it.  Not only is the firm exceptionally skilled at raising money, they also understand the importance of generating buy-in and sustained commitment.  NCDS has helped us exceed goal in seven campaigns, the latest of which has a $15.5 million target, and when the current campaign is completed, NCDS will have helped us raise $53 million to fund our initiatives.  Our top community leaders expect the best from our organization, and the exceptional team at NCDS always works hard to help us exceed those expectations.” 

Evan Nolte, President & CEO • Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

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