Tackling the Brain Drain

28 Sep 2020

What is the brain drain? The brain drain is loosely defined as higher educated and more talented residents leaving an area after high school or college and taking their knowledge and skills elsewhere. In economic development, the brain drain usually refers to talented youth leaving their rural roots and starting their lives and careers in a metro area.

Georgia Department of Economic Development’s (GDEcD) Rural Georgia Initiatives (RGI) division has participated in community meetings in 135 Georgia counties to date. In these meetings, local leaders are charged with addressing the community’s strengths and challenges. The “brain drain” is a topic that has been discussed in almost every meeting the division has had with community leaders and economic developers across rural Georgia. As a state, Georgia ranks about middle of the pack in terms of overall out of state brain drain according to the United States Congress Joint Economic Committee 2019 report ”Losing Our Minds: Brain Drain across the United States.”

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