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Why Now is the Time to Remake Economic Development

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

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From Next City. While 95 of the 100 largest U.S. metro areas experienced aggregate job and output growth since 2009, smaller numbers have seen improvements in living standards, earnings and employment, particularly for workers of color. In terms of job quality, more than 40 percent of all metropolitan areas have lost jobs in advanced industries, and, nationally growth in low-wage jobs has far surpassed growth in middle-skill and higher-wage occupations. While income inequality is widening across the United States, the divide is even greater between racial and ethnic groups and among the 50 largest cities. Further, the number of people living in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty, as well as the total number of such neighborhoods, has increased dramatically in cities and suburbs.  Click here for full article.

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“NCDS has been our fundraising firm of choice since they first helped us devise the Forward Sioux Falls operating model in 1987, and raised $1.8 million to implement it.  Not only is the firm exceptionally skilled at raising money, they also understand the importance of generating buy-in and sustained commitment.  NCDS has helped us exceed goal in seven campaigns, the latest of which has a $15.5 million target, and when the current campaign is completed, NCDS will have helped us raise $53 million to fund our initiatives.  Our top community leaders expect the best from our organization, and the exceptional team at NCDS always works hard to help us exceed those expectations.” 

Evan Nolte, President & CEO • Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

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