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Howard Benson, CEO, has dedicated his career to helping non-profits.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Founder and CEO of National Community Development Services (NCDS), Howard Benson spent over four decades building a highly skilled team of 50 experts to assist non-profit organizations.

Non-profit entities that have been clients of NCDS have received customized, detailing plans and fundraising campaigns that have improved countless areas across the country. Benson graduated from Brevard College, the University of Georgia Institute for Organization Management, and the Academy of Organization Management at Notre Dame.

NCDS was started in 1977 and Benson been an innovator for fundraising campaigns and developing substantial plans as a basis for raising money. More at

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Communities large and small

NCDS provides cost effective solutions for organizations serving small rural communities, large metro regions, and evrything in between,

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