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WII Mentoring & Development Program

Monday, November 19, 2018

The evidence is clear: In the past ten years, the number of female fundraisers has grown within AFP and the sector by three percent, making our membership over 70 percent female. Yet, research shows that four out of five senior positions in fundraising are held by males. Furthermore, most nonprofit boards are comprised of males over the age of 50; a trend that increases as the size of an organization grows.

To address this issue, the WII Mentoring and Leadership Development Program was developed not only to provide support and guidance to females in the profession, but to also develop their leadership skills so that they grow and sustain the profession. 

WII is committed to equity and encourages applications from all qualified candidates. Our goal is to attract and develop highly talented women from diverse backgrounds, allowing the mentoring and development program to benefit from a wide variety of experiences and perspectives.

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