COVID-19’s Impact on the Demand for Distribution Center & Logistics Industry Workers

13 Jan 2021


If you are anything like me, reading or writing the word “COVID” causes mental fatigue that seems to be exacerbated by the day. The entire world (but for the sake of this blog we’ll focus on the distribution center and logistics industry), is feverishly assessing how this pandemic is affecting their business so they can react accordingly. And when an event such as this pandemic is everchanging, assessing its impact in real-time is difficult, which makes it nearly impossible to proactively implement long-term strategic initiatives with confidence.

While many logistics companies are in strategic planning mode to optimize supply chains, there are quite a select few that are currently navigating site selection projects. These locationally active companies (and their consultants) are being forced to re-evaluate the process for assessing labor markets, and more specifically, determining how COVID-19 is impacting and will impact the availability of a qualified workforce. 

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