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Business and civic leaders know that nonprofit organizations create value for their communities. The nonprofits in which they invest most are the ones they believe generate the greatest return on their philanthropic dollars. NCDS' Economic Strategy Center (ESC) specializes in proving the economic value of community and economic development organizations and programs – a significant asset for every NCDS campaign.

Using in-depth research, an array of local and national data sources and economic modeling, ESC develops persuasive, compelling rationale for public and private sector investment in nonprofit programs and organizations. NCDS project directors integrate reports and analyses into campaign materials and customized proposals to secure capacity investments for our clients. As appropriate and necessary for every NCDS campaign, the ESC develops:

  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Consumer Expenditure Projections
  • Business Sector Output Projections

Additionally, Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Agencies can benefit from ESC's stand-alone services such as Performance Evaluations, Benchmarking and the ROI Score Card. These services are particularly useful in demonstrating the real value of an organization to a community and its investors.

To learn more about the ESC's capabilities and how they can help you raise more money, contact ESC Director Trygve Vigmostad.

Click here for a sample “Projected Economic Impact Analysis."

Click here for a sample “Return on Investment Infographic."

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“As the smaller chamber operating in the shadow of a larger, very aggressive one nearby, the North Myrtle Beach Chamber committed to take its game to the next level.  You and the NCDS team not only drove the creation of a bold new multi-year strategy, you generated buy in and a huge boost in revenue.  A great side benefit of launching and funding a new initiative was NCDS’ identification and engagement of a cadre of new leaders who had never really participated, much less invested at significant levels.  Your methodology works, and your experience in hundreds of other communities paid off for us in a major way.  So much so, we plan to kick off the next multi-year campaign this year.   In my book, NCDS remains the ‘gold standard’ for community development fundraising.”

Marc Jordan, CCE, President & CEO • North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce Convention & Visitors Bureau

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