MaxFund Campaign

NCDS' MaxFund® campaign methodology is ideal for:

  • Organizations that are limited in delivering their missions because of budget constraints or outdated funding models
  • Membership and dues-based organizations whose revenues have plateaued
  • Special, unique projects and opportunities that cannot be funded through traditional sources of revenue
  • Volunteer leaders who are passionate and committed, but also reluctant to ask for money
  • Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Councils that want to implement aggressive, multi-year strategic initiatives without impacting existing dues and operating structures.
  • Launching new organizations, or new partnerships and alliances of existing organizations
  • Urgent projects and programs that may have a finite window of opportunity for funding and execution

The success of our campaign methodology is rooted in three core principles:

  1. Reliance on a process oriented, project management approach. With almost 40 years and over 700 campaigns as our proving ground, we have enhanced and refined an extremely reliable approach to the management and execution of fundraising campaigns. While each campaign is tailored to the unique characteristics and conditions of the client and community, every NCDS project director skillfully and resolutely integrates our proven process along a critical path to maintain desired timelines, and to achieve the campaign goal. At NCDS, we don’t make it up as we go and that means no surprises for our clients.
  2. Strategic use of volunteers and strategic solicitation of funds. Unlike most fundraising consultants, we don’t simply train and educate client staff and volunteers and then watch from the sidelines while they either succeed or fail. NCDS provides a much more hands on experience, especially in the critical task of prospect solicitations. Credible, respected volunteers are essential to any campaign’s success, but very few of them either enjoy or excel at asking others for money. Because we maintain the initiative for planning, executing, and following up every “ask,” and because we limit the volunteers’ time and effort, volunteers love NCDS campaigns. As a result, we are able to recruit the very top community leaders to participate in our campaigns. It’s also why those same leaders frequently summon us to help their other favorite causes and organizations. Some firms have taken this approach to the opposite extreme, serving as “hired guns” that rely more on personal charisma and salesmanship than on sound fundraising principles and strategy. Conversely, every NCDS solicitation is made at the right time, for the right reasons, for the right amount, and by the right people – and with more emphasis on the donor’s needs than the organization’s.
  3. Belief in Return on Investment fundraising. New jobs, higher incomes, capital investments, and expanded tax bases are all “good” for a community. NCDS’ Economic Strategy Center enables our clients to make a much more compelling case than just “the community good” by demonstrating bottom line impacts on select industries and even individual companies in the community. By making a sound business case for our clients’ projects and programs we consistently secure six and seven figure investments from those entities (both public and private) with the greatest stake in the future of the community or region. Moreover, we apply these same principles to “quality of life” initiatives, including arts & cultural projects, educational programs, and social service offerings. Our emphasis on ROI fundraising ensures that every campaign pursues every method of answering the “what’s in it for me” question with something more than just the warm glow of philanthropy.