About Us

ground breakingNCDS is the leading, most experienced provider of fundraising expertise for chambers of commerce and economic development organizations across the United States.  Founded in 1977 by Howard Benson, NCDS pioneered the multi-year strategic initiative approach for increasing organizational relevance, capacity, and economic impact.

NCDS has completed over 700 capital campaigns in communities ranging from 8,000 to over 3 million in population.  We have raised over $1.8 billion for strategies and projects designed to attract, retain, and grow companies; boost workforce development and talent attraction; enhance quality of place; develop industrial parks; support entrepreneurs; restructure organizations; and a variety of other programs for economic vitality and prosperity.  NCDS’ approach and effectiveness in its core market has stimulated demand from business and community leaders to assist other non-profits in their communities.  As a result, many NCDS multi-year campaigns have funded capital projects and programs for arts & culture, education, youth development, social services, and community improvement.

Hallmarks of NCDS capital campaigns:

  • Thorough, candid, and prescriptive feasibility analysis & goal assessment. 
  • Step by step processes with clear accountability measures - key to ROI fundraising
  • Sound project management principles produce more reliable outcomes and timelines.
  • Experienced, professional campaign directors relieve staff and volunteers from the most time demanding and unpleasant fundraising tasks.
  • Compelling, customized return-on-investment data produced by NCDS’ Economic Strategy Center.
  • Proprietary campaign database ensures accurate record- keeping and integration with client accounting systems.
  • Economic development fundraising, chamber of commerce fundraising and public-private partnership fundraising that emphasizes economic impact and providing investors with an ROI.

Discover the NCDS difference.

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