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Pioneers in capital campaigns that boost organizational capacity and transform communities. 

Our Story

45 Years of Capital Campaign Innovation

National Community Development Services (NCDS) is the leader in capital campaigns for community and economic development initiatives. Founded in 1977 by Howard Benson, we pioneered the multi-year strategic initiative approach for increasing organizational relevance, capacity, and economic impact.

With a passion for organizations and initiatives that can truly transform communities, our leadership has given us the opportunity to develop and execute more than 700 capital campaigns nationwide and raise more than $1.8B.

NCDS by the Numbers

With 45 years of fundraising experience and a proven process that has touched millions of community stakeholders, NCDS offers the strategies to make your vision for the future a reality.

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Our values

Fundraising the NCDS Way

Building great communities, one campaign at a time.

Honest and Prescriptive Assessment

An underperforming fundraising campaign can damage your image and reputation. Our pre-campaign due diligence gives you knowledge, asking rights, and a thorough understanding of how to maximize support.

Strategy Over Salesmanship

A sound campaign strategy, leveraged with local champions will always outperform a "sales" approach. Once everyone agrees to move forward, execution is everything. Our experience has helped us to refine, adapt, and perfect the fundraising process.

Return on Investment

The programs funded by your campaign should yield lasting returns on investment spanning years, with impact for decades. Our process includes a sophisticated economic impact analysis that proves your value to the community and its stakeholders.