Fundraising Feasibility Studies

The objective of every NCDS feasibility analysis is to assess the community's level of support for your proposed program or project, and to position you for fundraising success. We consider the Feasibility Study as the most critical component of any fundraising effort.


Strategic Initiative Validation and Fundraising Potential

The essential first step in any capital campaign is to determine the broader community's opinion about the proposed initiative or project. We gauge the potential level of financial support by conducting confidential interviews with business and community leaders that represent the key stakeholders of your constituency.

Through these interviews and gathered data, we get candid opinions and feedback on local economic conditions, assets, and weaknesses for economic development, perceptions of your organization (and others), potential levels of support available, and identify candidates for campaign leadership.

NCDS' seasoned professionals know what questions to ask and how to interpret what we hear from each interviewee. We also help you package and position your proposed initiative to optimize the outcome of the feasibility process.

Why you need a feasibility study

Honest and Prescriptive Recommendations

Our longevity, reputation, and loyal client base demand that we tell the truth and that our recommendations reflect the best interests of the client and the community.

If the feasibility study supports a "go" recommendation for a campaign, we will pinpoint an appropriately aggressive goal, suggest fundraising strategies, and specify critical success factors such as program & organizational refinement, volunteer leaders, and campaign messaging.

If our findings yield a "no go," or "not now" recommendation, NCDS provides a detailed path to "campaign readiness" that will inform the client's pursuit of increased relevance and asking rights.

Together, we can transform your community.

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Hear it from Our Clients

"As the smaller chamber operating in the shadow of a larger, very aggressive one nearby, the North Myrtle Beach Chamber committed to take its game to the next level. You and the NCDS team not only drove the creation of a bold new multi-year strategy, you generated buy in and a huge boost in revenue. A great side benefit of launching and funding a new initiative was CDS' identification and engagement of a cadre of new leaders who had never really participated, much less invested at significant levels. Your methodology works, and your experience in hundreds of other communities paid off for us in a major way. So much so, we plan to kick off the next multi-year campaign this year. In my book, NCDS remains the 'gold standard" for community development fundraising."

Marc Jordan

CEO, President & CEO North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce Convention & Visitors Bureau