Economic Impact Analysis

An essential component of our fundraising process or a standalone service to evaluate a specific project, NCDS' Economic Strategy Center helps you document and prove your value and impact to your community, elected officials, and business sectors that rely on the local economy.

Make Your Case with Objective Data

Emotional appeals have their place in fundraising, but community and economic development initiatives must make a business case to secure capacity-level investments. Every NCDS campaign includes an economic impact analysis - using IMPLAN® economic modeling - that shows the impact of your efforts in business terms.

Jobs, consumer spending, bank deposits, business output, and tax revenues are some of the measures we use to make your case, and the reason we consistently secure six and seven-figure commitments from sources that have never given more than "token donations."

Sample Economic Impact Analyses
Looking Back
Looking forward

Your Community, Your Impacts

Every economic impact analysis is customized to your community, using IMPLAN® data at the city, county, or MSA level. And we project impacts based on your specific goals (jobs, target industries, wage rates, capital investment, etc.). The result is a powerful fundraising tool that will elevate the sights of your investors and transform a request for money into an opportunity to invest in shared growth and prosperity.

Our skillful use of this tool, along with robust prospect research, allows us to present a compelling ROI to most prospects, including some who may not even be members or current supporters. Let us show you why our clients - and their investors - love this approach, and how we might secure new or increased commitments from your banks, your hospitals, your car dealers, or your local government.

Together, we can transform your community.

Contact us today for professional fundraising services that will change the way you pursue economic and community development.

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Measure Your Impact, Communicate Your Value

If you are considering embarking on a capital fundraising campaign, you may be wondering how much impact your new initiatives, and the new funding needed, will make on your community. We'll work with you to establish the right goals and metrics that are attainable and will deliver value to your investors. Even our clients in smaller communities can usually project enough impact to merit multi-million dollar funding campaigns.

NCDS' economic impact analysis is available to any organization - even those we don't raise money for. We can forecast the impact of a proposed community project, or prove the value of one that already exists. Ask us about our work for hospitals, higher education, research parks, and sports facilities. And we go beyond just a comprehensive economic analysis, helping you select and convey the data that will prove the project's (or your organization's) value to public and private stakeholders.

Hear it from Our Clients

"NCDS has been our fundraising firm of choice since they first helped us devise the Forward Sioux Falls operating model in 1987, and raised $1.8 million to implement it. Not only is the firm exceptionally skilled at raising money, they also understand the importance of generating buy-in and sustained commitment. NCDS has helped us exceed goal in seven campaigns, the latest of which has a $15.5 million target, and when the current campaign is completed, NCDS will have helped us raise $53 million to fund our initiatives. Our top community leaders expect the best from our organization, and the exceptional team at NCDS always works hard to help us exceed those expectations."

Evan Nolte

President & CEO Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce