Strategic Fundraising Services

We specialize in campaigns that bring ideas, vision, and strategic plans to life.  We excel at gaining buy-in and ownership of your program by those with the requisite capacity to lead, influence, and invest; and at positioning your organization for maximum support from a broad constituency of stakeholders.

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Feasibility Study

The most important element of any fundraising campaign is front-end due diligence. How do stakeholders view your organization? Do they like your proposed plan? Will they invest in it? How much? Are there other campaigns competing for support? You can't launch a campaign without knowing - for certain - the answers to these questions.

NCDS' experience and expertise allow us to assess your level of asking rights and to predict - with a high degree of certainty - the amount of financial support you can achieve. We'll also highlight the factors unique to your organization, your plan, or your community that determine fundraising success.

Fundraising Potential

Every community is different. The success or failure of your fundraising efforts hinges on everything from the influence and credibility of your leaders to the collective demand for economic growth and prosperity.

Critical Success Factors

With our final review of your plans, goals, and assessment of the leaders and investors in your community, we make our recommendations.

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Fundraising Campaigns

Our fundraising approach is grounded in three core principles: Fidelity to process and project management, strategic use of volunteers, and professional solicitations that focus on return on investment.

Every NCDS campaign is delivered by seasoned professionals. Our experience with over 700 engagements - including 124 repeat clients - validates our belief that our success is determined by our pursuit of the client's best interest and community outcomes.

Pioneered Proven Process

Our industry-defining fundraising process is your key to a step-by-step roadmap for a successful fundraising campaign. It is also user-friendly for staff and volunteers.

Return on Investment

Public and private investments in your strategic initiative should generate tangible ROI for the community and for individual stakeholders.  Our campaigns typically produce between $8 and $23 in bottom-line economic impact for every $1 invested.

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Together, we can transform your community.

Contact us today for professional fundraising services that will change the way you pursue economic and community development.

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Economic Impact Analysis

When your premise for fundraising is community improvement and economic prosperity, you can and must show tangible returns for your stakeholders' investments in your efforts. NCDS employs a research economist who supports every campaign with a comprehensive economic impact analysis that allows us to forecast bottom-line benefits to each industry sector in your community, local governments, and even specific companies.

NCDS' expertise in using projected economic impacts distinguishes us from others. We can also produce impact analyses for past programming and projects, allowing you to prove the value and outcomes of your recent successes.

Fundraising Impact

Quite simply, our skillful use of economic impact analyses allows us to secure more money from more sources.

Sustainable Funding

Documenting the ROI of your previous efforts is invaluable for investor relations and communications. It is also a vital tool for funding future multi-year campaigns.

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Hear it from Our Clients

"The WDC's successful $3.5 million capital campaign under the leadership of NCDS marks the beginning of a new stage of advancement for our organization. The team effort - from developing our economic development blueprint to the GROW Watertown 5-Year Strategic Plan - laid the groundwork. And now area business leaders have shown their confidence by rallying behind the WDC so it can help implement our 5-year strategic plan for growth. The WDC is already having a meaningful impact on business development efforts in our area as companies are no longer viewing their contributions as a donation, but an opportunity to be part of building a stronger and growing community."

Chris Schilken

Executive Director Watertown Development Company

Frequently Asked Fundraising Questions

NCDS pioneered the proven process for fundraising campaigns and public/private partnerships that meet their goals and objectives. NCDS revitalizes the organizations that transform your community.

After performing a feasibility analysis, how often do you recommend a fundraising campaign?

Nearly every organization and/or community can benefit from a good-faith, well-executed capital campaign that truly prioritizes stakeholder needs. There's always a need or opportunity to be addressed. However, there are rare circumstances - perhaps 10% of our clients - where we discover that an immediate campaign launch would be detrimental. In these instances, we always provide a road map for becoming "campaign ready."

Are you willing to share the return on investment and financial data from your previous fundraising campaigns?

Yes. Upon request, we would be happy to provide anonymized ROI and financial data from our previous campaigns. Contact us here to request this information.

How do you monitor and project manage your fundraising campaigns?

In short, our management style sweats the details and gives you complete support from day one till we reach your goals. Our process includes full-time project management in a collaborative environment where you're in the loop, empowered with information, and your volunteers feel comfortable in their role of peer influencers.

Can I perform my own community strategic fundraising initiative?

Of course you can, but we do not necessarily advise it on a community-wide scale without experienced consultation. NCDS specializes in strategic fundraising that adds enough value and return on investment that our fees are more than offset by the difference between what we raise and what you can raise yourself.

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